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This dark and smoky favorite has sweet velvety layers of chocolate brownie, caramel corn, malt and toffee.  Equal Exchange’s “Love Buzz” roast is the perfect blend of aromas.

Sustainably grown by small farmer co-ops, they’re paid a guaranteed price, offered financing, and formed long-standing relationships. This has allowed them to grow influential in local and regional economies.

Our coffee beans are sold by volume, measured by the cup.  Specify how many cups of coffee you’d like to purchase below.

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Proud Mary Coffee’s Humbler Blend:
Designed to cut through milk and create a fudgy latte or a bitter-sweet and syrupy espresso. Its flavor profile is approachable and easy to brew, making great coffee accessible for everyone.
Flavor Notes: chocolate fudge, caramel, date, syrupy body.

“At Proud Mary, we utilize only fresh seasonal components direct from our amazing producer partnerships at origin. Many hands have helped make this brand special, and by drinking our coffee, you are supporting a sustainable supply chain and our direct relationships with producers from around the world.”

Brewing Info:
Filter & Drip Coffee: 15 grams per 250ml (1 cup) of water
Espresso Ratio 1:2.5

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