Bamboo Cloth Wipes

$2.00 each, 5 for $9, 10 for $17

On average, 1.5 wipes are used per changing.

Assuming 8 diaper changes per day across 3 years, that’s over 8500 diaper wipes to the landfill!

Buy reusable & save!

M&H recommends 20-30 diaper wipes to go 100% zero waste.

M&H baby wipes are 100% bamboo fiber and very soft.  Similar to microfiber and perfect for cloth diapering and baby bathing.  Hand-wash or machine wash with baby’s other diaper products.  Baby Wipes are essential for your newborn child. You want to make sure that you take care of your baby’s sensitive skin and minimize as many irritations as possible.


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