Natural Makeup Primer


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All Natural Makeup Primer is a blend of skin loving botanical ingredients that create a perfect foundation for makeup application. Rose infused almond oil helps nourish the skin and boost collagen to help prevent wrinkles, while witch hazel helps makeup bind to skin for all day wear. Other star ingredients include aloe gel for hydrating the skin, and tea tree essential oil to prevent blemishes. Made with distilled water to prevent bacteria growth and allow for a fine mist to evenly spray over your skin. It’s great for liquid or powder foundations or just as is to replenish and brighten your skin – use it as a toner, too! To Use: Shake well and mist face with eyes closed, being careful to avoid direct contact with eyes. Allow to dry before applying makeup. Size: 2 fl oz. Ingredients: Witch Hazel, Distilled Water, Aloe Gel, Rose Hip Infused Almond Oil, Tea Tree & Rose Essential Oils.