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How It Works

No Weigh!

Our custom RFID system makes the dispensing of liquids contactless.  No need to touch bottles or surfaces. Just wave and check out!

Convenience is Key

You’re Busy, We Know.

When we started thinking about what it will take for more people to reduce their plastic impact, we realized it needed to be as easy and convenient as the local drug store.  The first thing was to remove the scale to make checkout faster through the use of RFID cards to dispense by volume.

Next, we wanted to destroy the notion that eco-friendly has a price premium.  We’re the zero waste shop of the everyday person, so our prices won’t be too different from what you can obtain at the drugstore.  Have a look and compare yourself!

The Mama & Hapa’s Experience

We accept all major credit and debit cards through contactless/NFC, chip cards, or old fashioned swiping.  We also accept cash!

Grab a Card

Sanitized RFID cards are laid out upon when you enter.


We have over 30 different dispensers from All Purpose Cleaner to Shampoo


Hold your container under the spout and wave your card below the LCD screen


Present your RFID and credit card to the cashier and walk out!

Enjoy your day knowing that you helped the world.