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Frequently Asked Questions

We get many questions about our shop. We’re here to help — if your question isn’t here, give us a call or text and we’ll respond asap!

  • Can I bring in my own jars/containers?
    • Yes! In fact it’s encouraged. Reusing items around your house is the heart of the zero waste movement. Bringing and filling your own jars makes your household full circle.
  • I have a lot of jars lying around at home, do you take donated jars?
    • Yes! Jar donations are greatly accepted. We have two rules for donated jars.
      1. Jar must have a waterproof lid.
      2. Jar & lid must be dishwasher safe. We accept plastic jars, but they need to be able to handle the high temperatures of a dishwasher since we wash out every donated jar before putting them out.
  • I got a jar, but it was a little dirty or smelly on the inside, what can I do?
    • We try our best to wash out every jar we get, but sometimes we get a jar that just won’t get clean and slips through our inspection process. If you’ve already dispensed into it, we’ll take back whatever you’ve dispensed and you may pick a new jar to fill up.
  • What is your return policy?
  • Are your items cruelty-free / vegan?
    • Yes…and no. Some of the items we sell are made in a Leaping Bunny-certified facility such as our shampoos, lotions, and other body products. Other items are from a manufacturer who does not test on animals, but may have things like beeswax or goats milk. It depends, but you can message us to inquire about a specific product.
  • What brand are some of the liquids that you sell?
    • The brands that we sell that don’t specifically say are Mama & Hapa’s store branded — similar to Kirkland Signature or Safeway Select. This way we’re able to cut out the middle man, sell a less expensive product but retain the same quality as a branded product. Major brands also don’t sell their product in 55 gallon drum sizes so it is difficult to obtain a branded product for zero waste consumption. Some of the non-liquid items don’t have brands either. This is simply because since we buy them directly from the manufacturer we can sell them without any packaging like our brushes, bottles, and bar soaps.
  • What size are your liquid items purchased in?
    • Many of our liquid items are purchased in 55 gallon drums. These drums are then able to be returned to the manufacturer to be refilled; making the whole process closed-loop. Some items that sell slower than 55 gallons are bought in 5 gallon pails which we reuse for various purposes in our business for transporting liquids between stores.