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Return Policy

There is no time limit for returns, as long as the customer can provide a receipt or the specific transaction can be found in our system through a name, credit card number, date, etc.

What Qualifies for a Return:

  • Items that were defective or damaged at time of sale.
  • Refills that were made during the same store trip, did not get taken home, and were put in a brand new container from the shelf, or a clean donated jar.
  • Items that may have been lightly used once or twice, but are still in great / new condition that are still safe & sanitary to sell.
    • Some Examples:
      • Stainless steel funnels (can be sanitized)
      • Stainless steel lunch box (can be sanitized)
      • Produce bags (no rips or stains)
      • Insulated water bottle (can be sanitized)
      • Personal hygiene items in new & working condition that have not been opened or used.
      • Items that were gifted to someone who wants to return them (unopened, unused)
      • Items that were charged by accident or rung up incorrectly.
      • Duplicate transactions (this happens sometimes when our internet is down, and Square doesn’t show if it was rung up the first time so a transaction might be charged twice by accident. In this case, we refund the entire transaction.) 

What Doesn’t Qualify for a Return:

  • Items damaged by the customer after purchase.
  • Refills that were taken home, or filled during the same store trip in a personal container.
  • Personal hygiene items that have been used.
    • Gladrags
    • Tooth brushes
    • Deodorant
    • Lip Balm
    • Exception: if someone had an allergic reaction and the ingredients were not clearly labeled or statedIf it’s something personal like deodorant, a refund will be applied and the customer may to do what they want with it; give it away or compost it.
  • Items that cannot be traced to any receipt or transaction.
    • Example: Returning an item that can commonly be found anywhere, like a 16 oz glass bottle. If we can’t find the transaction & there isn’t a receipt, we cannot refund it.
    • Exception: Returning a Mama & Hapa’s branded non-bulk product that is in new and usable condition.