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Donating Jars

Don’t throw those jars into the recycle bin!  Moving and melting glass takes a lot of energy & emissions.  Reusing is the way to go!  At Mama & Hapa’s, you can bring in your used jars and participate in a closed loop system where we can prevent items from entering landfills and give them a longer life. Please keep in mind that we are not a recycling center, and we need help to ensure that donated containers are sanitary & ready to use.

Bring ’em in!

  • Thoroughly washed, no residue
  • Containers have a lid or cap
  • Glass containers only; plastic caps/lids OK

Hold off.

  • Plastic – We are no longer accepting plastic containers of any kind.
  • Food or soap residue (including strong smells)
  • Bleach or scented detergent containers (harsh chemical residue)
  • Containers without lids or caps
  • Containers under 1 oz size (too small for dispensers)
  • Prescription or OTC drug containers. (supplements are ok)
  • Non-dishwasher safe containers
Despite bringing in clean jars, we wash every donated jar in a dishwasher with high temperature water.  Please do not put jar directly onto the shelf; a store associate will take them to the back.