Cutting Board Oil

$15.00 each

Ideal for conditioning and maintaining all wooden butcher blocks, cutting boards, bowls, and utensils without use of petroleum-based mineral oil. 100% coconut MCT oil penetrates, beeswax seals, and essential oils leave behind a light, refreshing aroma!

Once finished with your product, bring the empty bottle back to Mama & Hapa’s for us to reuse. In turn, you will get 10% off of another Cutting Board Oil, or any other product included in our Loop System!

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Directions for Use: Shake gently before using. Pour out a teaspoon to a tablespoon directly onto the cutting board. Using a clean cloth or fingertips, spread oil to all sides for even penetration. Let stand 1 to 4 hours. Wipe off any excess with a soft, clean cloth. If there is no excess, add more and let stand another 1 to 4 hours. Re-apply whenever the wood looks or feels dry. Washing your cutting board with soap will create the need to reapply more frequently.

Ingredients: 100% Coconut MCT Oil, Beeswax, Grapefruit, Tangerine, Sweet Orange, Lemon, & Bergamot Essential Oils