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High quality, affordable brushes that are ideal for the perfect application of mineral cosmetics. The cotton canvas pouch is designed with portability in mind, including a snap closure and a zippered compartment with plenty of room for your favorite makeup essentials. This high quality, affordable brush set is both cruelty-free and sustainable. The synthetic bristles are made of an extremely soft fiber, while the handles are crafted of eco-friendly bamboo.   Care Instructions: We recommend cleaning your makeup brushes on a regular basis to maintain sanitary makeup tools and ensure the longevity of your brush set. You can make your own brush cleaning solution with soap and oil to cut dirt and debris while leaving the brush hairs soft and conditioned.   DIY Brush Cleaner: Combine 1 tablespoon of unscented liquid Castile soap, ½ tablespoon of an oil of your choice (olive, jojoba, avocado, or sweet almond oil can do the trick) and 1.5 cup of warm water in a bowl. Submerge the bristles in the solution and agitate to loosen up gunk. Wipe brush bristles on a towel to remove excess makeup residue. Rinse and repeat until the water runs clean and no residue is left on the towel. Wipe the bristles with a dry, clean towel, then let your brushes air dry with the bristles facing down, to preserve the glue holding the bristles in.