M&H Fragrance Line


A beautiful collection of unisex solid & roll-on fragrances, suitable for daily wear on any body. Formulated in-house, they are scented only with clean fragrance oils & none of the junk!

Scents range from smoky, earthy & warm to light, airy & floral, as well as somewhere in between. Come by our brick-and-mortar shops to smell the testers on display and find your new signature scent!

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Solid Fragrance Ingredients:

Beeswax, Shea Butter, Clean Fragrance Oil.

Roll-On Fragrance Ingredients:

Jojoba Oil, Clean Fragrance Oil.

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Scent + Style

Summer '96 Solid Fragrance, Delphi Solid Fragrance, City of Ember Solid Fragrance, Suede & Cedar Solid Fragrance, Shot in the Dark Roll-On Fragrance, Golden Glow Roll-On Fragrance, Cherry Wine Roll-On Fragrance, Effervescence Roll-On Fragrance