32 oz Glass Bottle

$8.00 each

Choose from a soap pump or spray nozzle, or if you’d like to use this bottle as backstock, put in your order notes to add a free black cap!

Pump Top: This is great for laundry liquid, lotion, a dish soap or hand soap backstock, or anything you use in larger quantities!

Spray Top: This trigger-spray bottle is designed for use with any non-viscous liquids like all-purpose-cleaner, glass cleaner, sanitizing spray, or even for use to mist plants with water!

Zero Waste Life Hack:
Fill a different jar with a concentrated cleaner from Mama & Hapa’s. Mix with water in recommended dilution amount to refill this spray bottle whenever needed. This way, your cleaner will be easily replenished and last for many months, and you can save both plastic waste and extra trips to the store. Win – win!

Cap Size: 28-400

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