Brow Buddy Pigmented Pomade + Applicator

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Brow Buddy is a lovely blend of nourishing ingredients that help groom & shape, creating fuller and thicker brows; all while supporting natural eyebrow health. Filled with oils, butters, and waxes to keep the eyebrow hair moisturized, luminous, & strong. Packaged in a recyclable and reusable sliding tin. A single brow buddy will last 1-2 years with proper use & care!

Pair with a Brow Applicator for easy product application. (sold sepatately)

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Pair with a Brow Applicator for easy product application.

Brow Applicator: The sustainably crafted handle is made from aluminum + wood, with vegan brush fibers. The handy lid provides a convenient and mess free experience, perfect for travel or home use. Simply open and lock the wand into its metal cover to create a full-sized applicator!

To Use: Apply to brow hairs using a spoolie applicator, in short strokes with the flow of hair growth. Brush into desired shape, while evenly coating each hair with pigment.

Available in 4 shades
Clear: For any hair color. This will not add any pigment to brows, it will just hold them up for a laminated look.
Light: For blonde, red, and light brown hair.
Medium: For medium brown and auburn hair.
Dark: For dark brown and black hair.

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Clear, Light, Medium, Dark, Brow Applicator Brush