Cloth Diapers

$8.00 each

The average baby goes through six to ten diapers a day.
That’s over 8500 diapers to the landfill and $1500-$3000 in disposable diapers.

Buy diapers just once.  One size fits all.

Diapers come with an assortment of snaps to fit the smallest newborn all the way up until they’re ready to be potty trained.

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Cloth Diapering can sound intimidating, but once put in practice it is an investment that can both save money and divert garbage from going to the landfill. These diapers are equipped with many snap closures for adjustable sizing, so they grow with your baby. Each diaper includes a soft and absorbent bamboo terry insert, which can be easily removed and laundered. The outer shell is polyester and waterproof to prevent leaking.

Washing instructions:

Pre wash by hand with cool water and gentle detergent. Put in washer on gentle cycle, warm water. Can be placed in the dryer at low temperature, but it is recommended to hang dry.

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