Angled Dish Brush, Pot Scrubbers & Head Refills

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The Angled Dish Brush is great for optimum reach and scrubbing power on all your dishes.  Equipped with natural sisal fiber bristles and a replaceable screw on brush head. Choose from bamboo or aluminum – the replacement head fits both styles!

Our Pot Brushes are still around, but with a twist. Now, rather than having to purchase an entire new pot brush when the head needs to be replaced, you can buy a head only and keep your handle! Keep your waste down by buying one handle only and interchanging between a soft and stiff head.

Stiff or soft, our brush heads will fit onto the bamboo angled dish brush, our aluminum dish brush, or the handle to our pot scrubbers.

*The Classic Dish Brush Head will only fit onto one kind of brush handle that is relatively popular, although we no longer carry it ourselves.

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Care Instructions: Do not place in dishwasher. Rinse soap and food residue out of bristles after each use. Let brush air dry between uses by hanging on a loop or standing up to preserve the wood.

To Disinfect: Submerge brush head in 1:1 hot water + vinegar for 10 minutes.

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