Vegan Wax Wraps Starter Set

$20.00 / 3 pack

Vegan food wraps naturally preserve and prolong the life of your produce, fresh herbs, greens, cheese, leftovers, snacks, baked goods and more. They are the perfect eco-friendly, sustainable, natural alternative to plastic wrap. Perfect for kids’ lunches, snacks, covering bowls, and anything else you can think of. Great for in the fridge and out.

Starter Set includes
Small 8” x 7”
Medium 11″ x 10”
Large 13” x 13”

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Wax wraps are an excellent alternative to plastic cling wrap and aluminum foil. Made with 100% cotton coated in candelilla and pine resin, these wraps are pliable and easy to stick & stay in place.To Use: Wrap around fruit, veggies, cheese, chocolate, or over cups & bowls. The wrap is most pliable at room temperature and solidifies in the fridge, keeping its shape. These can last up to a year and be composted when finished, or re-waxed to prolong use.Dimensions:Small 8” x 7”Medium 11" x 10”Large 13” x 13”Care Instructions: Store wraps at room temperature, away from hot surfaces or direct sunlight. Hand wash with cool water and soap, then let air dry. Do not put in microwave. Do not use hot water or place in the dishwasher; this can melt the wax.

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