Wax Melts


Proudly made in-house by our team, these soy-based wax melts are a great swap for conventional versions that come packaged in plastic.

Each wax melt is scented with either natural extracts, essential oils, or clean fragrance oils. They are colored with dye free, naturally sourced food coloring, & are a great way to fragrance your home in flame-free fashion, especially if you have kids or pets to look out for!

Scent Descriptions

Mango Sunrise (Red): Scented with Mango & Hibiscus clean fragrance oils

Tranquility (Purple): Scented with Lavender & Cedarwood essential oils

Zest for Life (Yellow): Scented with Coconut extract & Bergamot essential oils

Just Before the Rain (Green): Scented with Sage, Rosemary & Cypress essential oils

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*Only intended for use with a wax melter/warmer.

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Mango Sunrise, Tranquility, Zest for Life, Just Before the Rain