CLEARANCE Silicone Bags with Slide Top


Ok, we’re not going to hide it.  These silicone storage bags feature a plastic zipper to keep your items fresh.  100% silicone bags have a hard time staying shut when jostled, but with this design you can rest assured your contents won’t fly out when put under stress. These reusable freezer bags are thick, washable & dishwasher safe. Reuse them over & over again.

Use these airtight bags directly at the grocery store, refrigerator/freezer, to marinate before cooking, in the microwave or boiling water, even as a way to take leftovers for lunch at work.

Bag is made of food grade silicone that contains no BPA, PVC, phthalates, petroleum, plastic, or latex.  Sealed closure preserves & extends the freshness of your food for healthy nutrition, money saving & less food waste.

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White, Large (50 fl.oz.), White, Small (16 fl.oz.), Red, Large (50 fl.oz.), Red, Small (16 fl.oz.), Green, Large (50 fl.oz.), Green, Small (16 fl.oz.), Blue, Large (50 fl.oz.), Blue, Small (16 fl.oz.)

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